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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 23, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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time. it's meat eater and after the show we'll show you how to cook up bear. >> we are eating bambi and peter cotton tail. stay with us. >> probably some squirrel after fox and friends show. >> he did it! right now the clock is ticking. libya's leaders are ordering all militias to be disbanded and giving them 48 hours to do that. this comes in more of the wake of protests in benghazi. they are lashing out over the powerful groups that control controlling the cooling. i'm jamie colby.
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>> i'm kelly wright in for eric shawn. >> two groups are expected that killed a u.s. ambassador. our greg palkot is streaming live from tripoli with the latest developments in libya. >> reporter: remarkable. we have been watching the government seeming to crack down on the militants. they have been causing so many problems and it might have something to do with the killing of the ambassador and other americans. we have been watching an outpouring of violence. we saw compounds being ransacked. we saw protestors and militia members being killed, being injured. by monday night according to the government all the armed gangs have to get into line. they have to give up weapons and follow orders from the government. one of key targets of this is the islamist militant group, they have left two different
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cities. they are directly expected of involvement on stevens and consulate in benghazi. but the probe into the attack. on the face of it it's a good thing. we are seeing quick, rough justice because all the indications we are getting from officials is that investigation into the death of stevens is going nowhere fast. they are telling us they have four people under arrest but they told us that a week ago. officials are not acknowledging any kind of progress and f.b.i. team sent here to libya to investigate directly the death, again from all indications remain in tripoli, we have no confirmation they have been to the crime scene. there are growing concerns that the crime scene may be tampered with the longer we wait until we get officials on the ground. again, wrapping up.
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the crackdown in the short run and long run on these militias might be good for security but might have one other problem with the probe. some of the suspects in connection with the killing may have left. it's a tough situation. >> kelly: gregg palkot. we appreciate that worth. >> jamie: still trying to get answers there and this big question. what is the next step to calm the violence in the region? what kind of role should be the u.s. play here. here ambassador is john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations joining us this sunday morning. good to see you, good morning. >> i wanted to broaden it out a bit and ask you overall, particularly this week, mahmoud ahmadinejad is in new york the president is in new york the entire region continues to have protests and unrest. can anything realistically change this week?
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>> i don't think anything will change this week at the u.n. and new york. if anything it will get worse. the press reports the president of egypt will say that the u.s. has to change its policy regarding the middle east. it has to be more respectful of islam and has more to create a palestinian state. that is very interesting perspective given that essentially what president obama has tried to do for the past three and a half years. what it shows when you pursue a policy that is perceived as weak the response to it is not people being grateful that you changed your position, it's a demand for even more weakness. i think that is going to be an interesting test of how the president addresses all this at his speech on tuesday. the fact is if the united states doesn't defend its interests and allies, our adversaries will take advantage of it. >> jamie: why is it perceived as
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weakness? >> because the united states has essentially abandoned the rhetoric and approach about the war on terror out of a mistaken view somehow the war on terror is offensive to all muslims. that is simple minded view of the muslim world to begin with and fails to recognize how much harm terrorism has brought to muslims. it also shows a declining withdrawing america from iraq, from afghanistan, not being able to deal with terrorism in places like syria and the gaza strip and not being able to restrain iran and support for terrorism and nuclear weapons program. all of that continues of the impression of declining united states. >> jamie: and increasing sentiment of anti-americanism in places we wouldn't have expected it and those perceived as allies like pakistan in the news today. the question is, can this
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sentiment not only be from the protestors and from the treasureists of the world but also from the governments of these countries that we need to count as our allies in a war against terror? >> pakistan is very, very difficult country from the u.s. perspective and in the news recently a call for hundred thousand bounty who kills the maker of this movie. they have repudiated that. the head of the party that made the call got 2% of the vote. i think if the radical forces, the islamist forces in muslim countries are, to go up their demands and rioting in the streets, if the united states isn't prepared to give strong support to those that defend our interests, they are not going to be inclined to defend our interests. we can see that really from all across the broader middle east.
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>> jamie: why are there not greater consequences to the governments of these countries that are not protecting our posts there, consulates and embassies which they do have an obligation to do, why are we continuing to fund there? what other consequences can there be and should there be and why not? >> i think it ought to be clear in the case of libya and egypt the slightest incursion would result in the elimination of assistance. we're in a deep hole in the middle east. getting out of it unfortunately isn't going to occur overnight. but the fundamental thing that needs to change is the world view of the administration. the idea that the united states or actions by united states citizens are somehow precipitating causes of this turmoil and anti-americanism is fundamentally wrong.
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this is the essence of what jean kirkpatrick called the blame first school of analysis and the adversaries are going to play off that. when they see a weakness to increase pressure. >> jamie: withdrawing afghanistan increase that feeling in that part of the world, that we somehow abandoned the mission even though we have done so much for that country and others? >> i think it will say we have abandoned the mission. in part it reflects a miss take in what our mission was, not to make afghanistan the switzerland of central asia but to destroy the taliban. we have been in the process of negotiating with them. i think that sends a signal of weakness not just inside afghanistan that we are leaving the afghans are staying and getting used to their new masters, the taliban, but it
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says to friendly arab regimes that the united states can't be counted on. they will cut deals with iran, with fundamentalists like the muslim brotherhood, not because they want to but if the united states isn't going to be there they will make the best deal they can. it's a downward cycle that shows every prospect of continuing under president obama. >> jamie: let's hope those deals aren't already made. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> kelly: big developments across the middle east today. a rare meeting going on in sear ra right now. the national coordination body for democratic change in syria calling for the overthrow of president assad. it's the strongest statement from the group yet. it may be an attempt to gain more support from syrian rebels that dismiss the group as too lenient on the regime. ambassadors from russia and iran are taking part in this meeting
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a sign to some that regime is using the meeting to bolster its own position. >> jamie: there is another middle east meeting happening in israel. they are trying to work out a peace deal with egypt. both sides agreed to let extra egyptian troops move into sinai peninsula and it's been a problem since the overthrow of h how last year. they want to make it permanent and israel wants it a temporary situation. >> kelly: as you know we are election headquarters. taking a look at the presidential candidates today. president obama is in washington with no events scheduled. governor romney is in colorado beginning what his advisors are calling, quote, an intense battleground state schedule. let's go to washington and bob kusack the managing editor of
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the hill is where they stand. good to see you this morning. as you know the battleground states, that is where the battle is really run in this sprint towards the white house. what will each candidate have to do. we're looking at a map of the 12 battleground states in order to gain an edge among voters? >> those are the states where this is going to be decided. romney appearing in colorado, i think that would have to be must win for romney who is coming off the worst week of his presidential campaign. had the 47% video and paul ryan being boo'd and the arpp. paul ryan was taking his colleagues don't panic but there are republicans that are panicking. in the battleground states, president obama has the edge in most of them. >> kelly: since you brought up
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what governor mitt romney has been through the past week, some have seen it as a week of setbacks but i'm reading from an article in one of today's newspapers from neil newhouse, romney's advisor, given everything we've been through, everybody wants to counted this guy out yet the poll numbers don't do that. they are optimistic they can turn this around on message and point and still win in the battleground states. what do you say to that? >> this is still winnable for mitt romney. there is no doubt about it. he is going to have pick up the pace. a lot of republicans worry that he is not making his point and making half a dozen appearances in the battleground states. they are going to pick up the pace. if they do that and pick up momentum before the debate and mitt romney wins two out of three debates or three out of three debates, he could win this thing but he will have to do
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well before the first debate. >> kelly: let's talk about jobs right now. if i look at certain states like colorado, florida, michigan and nevada and north carolina, they have jobless rates above the national average which is about 8.1% in august and among the 12, michigan's rate rose in the last month. how does this help or hinder president obama in gaining an edge going into the general election? >> those numbers are so key in a lot of states where you have some states doing better than others. in all of the states, everybody knows somebody who is out of work they don't have the job they want to have. republicans, the numbers are higher because a lot of people are higher. that is going into the strategies what base they play in as an indication that obama is surging in michigan, that is romney's home state. he didn't do that great in the republican primary.
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they are going to have pick their battles. they have to win ohio. virginia is probably a must win for romney. but midwest or southwest or some combination. they are going to look at the unemployment numbers because that goes to what people are feeling. >> kelly: what about foreign policy? we've seen what is going on in arab and muslim world. how might that impact the two candidates? >> it's tricky for romney because he wants to talk about the economy, but if we see this muslim rage continuing throughout this fall, it's going to be an issue they will be talking about. foreign policy is going to be an issue of one of debates. this is problem. romney wants to talk about the economy but he is going to have talk about both and he has to make the case he can solve that problem as well. >> kelly: bob, giving us some clarity, thank you, bob. >> jamie: early voting is under
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way in north carolina and south dakota and idaho over the next month, 34 states will allow voters to cast early ballots and they will expect tens of millions of us to turn out. the volume of election day activity could surpass 2008 when 30% cast their vote in the presidential cast all did it early. >> kelly: what really happened in libya? that question put to robert gibbs on fox news sunday today. chris wallace joins us live. >> jamie: a man finds himself inside the cage of a siberian tiger at the zoo and now he is speaking about the incident. despite the bites and bruises he is happy about what happened. >> kelly: okay? new concerns about levels of dangerous toxin in your rice.
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>>. >> kelly: we can't make this stuff up. a new york man that went into a tiger den has been charged with trespassing. he jumped from a mono rail at
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the bronx zoo and climbed a fence to get a closer look to a sleeping tiger. he reportedly told police, he, quote, wanted to be one with the tiger. he got his wish. the tiger grabbed him by the foot and dragged him into the enclosure. he said he glad and he is recovering at a hospital. hopefully the tiger is recovering, as well. >> jamie: moments ago in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday, former white house press secretary robert gibbs sat down with chris wallace, chris asked specifically about initial assertions by top members of the administration denying the deadly assault in lib why where four americans were killed was a
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preplanned terrorist attack. >> specific question. this is the bottom line. did the obama administration play down what happened in libya what happened in cairo because it would make obama foreign policy look better? >> absolutely no one intentionally or unintentionally misled involved in this. that is answer that the press secretary gave on september 14th. it's now september 23rd, we learn more information every single day about what happened. nobody wants to get more to the bottom of this than we do. >> jamie: joining me is chris wallace. good morning. we all learn more every day after this tragic event. one of the things we learn or seey to feel is that our people there should have been better protected. what did robert gibbs say about that? >> one of the things we were talking about is the fact that the story has change. he said the facts have changed.
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when susan rice sat down at the table with me last sunday, the same desk. i asked her and i specifically mentioned the fact that the president of libya was saying this was a preplanned attack. al-qaeda was saying it was revenge. she continued to say, there were other people saying other things she and the administration continued to say it was a spontaneous demonstration about the video that spun out of control. the question i was asking robert gibbs, if it's spontaneous and about the video then it is an indication that the administration's foreign policy isn't working and also a way of saying al-qaeda is not as strong as the administration would have us believe that. is the question. was there a political spin put on the administration's tail to the political advantage of the president but to the disadvantage in terms of learning the truth of the american people.
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>> jamie: clearly if they have taken the time would you agree or disagree to take a video of protests. they are caring rpgs. it doesn't seem like a spontaneous protest gone wrong. why did they react so quickly then? >> you can put the best face we were asking a lot of questions. they were sharing what they knew at the time. one of reason there were so many skeptical questions, rumor this had happened on previous tuesday five days later. one of reason that people were skeptical. susan collins said people don't show up for a spontaneous protest carrying machine guns and problematical propelled grenades. on it's a very face the administration's story seemed preposterous. >> jamie: they are putting susan
10:24 am
rice out there the way she did. you had her and you are giving a direct quote. she was very firm this was spontaneous and not related to anything else. it was completely unexpected. there is no way we could have none. some intel at the congress, intelligence committee they say they were briefed on other attacks and things that had happened at different embassies and consulates and the question is -- why put her out there? >> that is a good question. on the very same show when we had susan rice saying it was spontaneous and not preplanned we also had the chairman of house intelligence committee, mike rogers. he said it didn't go with what he was hearing, there was to be every reason to think it was a planned attack. it was coordinated. there may have been some coordination with some of the
10:25 am
people that were supposed to be protecting our u.s. consulate there. there was a lot more to it. it's not like there was a lot of talk about specific terrorist group in libya and also al-qaeda and al-sharia so the question is political damage control or whether they didn't know any better. we report and you decide. >> jamie: as we always do it sounds like you asked all the right questions. every day there is new intel leaning what they said initially. thank you so much for doing the interview. it is an exclusive. catch his full interview with robert gibbs and also chris has scott walker, an interesting week for him, as well. all of that on fox news sunday at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.
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